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  • Shaping a New Paradigm Around Disease Detection and Prevention

    PWNHealth is a national clinician network that provides safe and easy access to diagnostic testing. By empowering people with important diagnostic information, we are shaping a new paradigm that enhances engagement in personal health and wellness.

Improved Access. Better Insights. Healthier Populations.

PWNHealth enables access to testing in a more convenient way. Whether through your employer, your payer, a caregiver or directly online, PWN and our partners make testing possible. Our solutions improve wellness through clinical support and counseling for individuals with abnormal test results.

About PWN Health


Innovative Solutions and Clinical Oversight

The current landscape of healthcare regulations makes it complex to test populations at scale. The PWNHealth ecosystem enables national testing and treatment in a compliant and safe manner to help drive better health and economic outcomes. PWNHealth provides the clinical, legal, and technology infrastructure to offer testing alongside the traditional healthcare system in conjunction with the biggest names in diagnostic testing.



pwnhealth supports customers personal health and wellness

PWNHealth develops protocol for the supported test or screening service


careers at pwn health pwn health solutions

Consumer expresses interest in test and completes a family history and medical intake form


pwnhealth diagnostic screening in NY health sciences at pwnhealth

The PWN clinical team evaluates whether the test is appropriate for the individual consumer


important diagnostic information pwnhealth disease detection

Sample is collected


lab results at pwnhealth clinical oversight at pwnhealth

Lab results are sent to PWNHealth to determine appropriate next steps for the consumers


care & treatment guide care treatment at pwnhealth

PWN counsels the consumer and helps guide to appropriate care or treatment

How PWN Health Services work


We are on a mission to change health care

We believe simplifying and expanding access can lead to powerful results—and change how individuals take control of their own wellness.

“I’m proud of what we do and amazed every day at what we accomplish. I can’t wait for the future!”

-My-Ha Moon, Senior Project Manager, PWNHealth

Two decades of experience screening populations


PWNHealth supports a diverse set of healthcare stakeholders; from payers to labs, CROs to health systems, PWN is the industry standard for end-to-end diagnostic testing services.


“Partnering with PWNHealth helps enable Sema4 to scale up for nationwide consumer orders for genetic testing. PWN’s expert clinical team supports our ambition to expand the pathways for consumers to engage in safe, convenient and accessible genetic testing and genetic counseling.”

– Eric Schadt, PhD, Sema4

“My doctor was awesome. This service is one of the best benefits our company offers to its employees. Thank you.”

– PWNHealth Physician Results Coaching

“I appreciated the doctor who did my consult so much that I would seek her out to see in-person as a patient. My consult far exceeded my expectations.”

– PWNHealth Patient

“I loved the fact that I was able to speak to a doctor who did not candy coat the possibilities of what could happen to me if I do not seek help.”

– PWNHealth Patient

“Thank you so much for being available. Living in a rural area, it’s hard to get to a clinic, especially after hours. You were there in my time of need, and I’ll be recommending this to my friends. “

– PWNHealth Patient