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Testimonials & Stories

Read how PWNHealth is making an impact with our patient stories below.

Glenda knew she and her family members needed genetic testing for a hereditary cancer condition. Recommended by her sister’s oncologist, this testing would help them determine if they had increased risk for multiple types of cancer. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and the rural area, they live in, testing through Glenda’s doctor’s office was not easily accessible to the family. When Glenda received an email about patient-initiated genetic testing, she learned that this was an affordable option for testing completed entirely from home. It was an answered prayer and she decided to move forward with ordering the test.

When Glenda received her results, she was concerned about what it all meant and had many questions. It was then that she decided to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor from PWNHealth. As the clinical oversight provider, PWN supports consumer-initiated testing with access to certified genetic counselors during and after the testing process to answer questions and provide professional guidance to patients. Glenda was unsure what to expect but speaking with the genetic counselor gave a greater understanding of her results and what next steps to take to proactively manage her health. Glenda also felt that the conversation with the genetic counselor was an emotional outlet she didn’t know she needed. The appointment provided her with even greater motivation to advocate for the care she and other members of her family need.

Reflecting back to before she was tested, Glenda acknowledged how the uncertainty of genetic testing and what she would discover in her results caused anxiety. Being informed of her genetic health has allowed Glenda and her family to identify appropriate health care providers and the steps she could take to help stay ahead of cancer. Glenda is very thankful to have been able to receive her genetic testing and genetic counseling through PWN.

When asked her overall thoughts about this experience, she said: “This was a potential lifesaver for members of my family. I believe it’s a wonderful thing to offer and I highly recommend it because the more you know, the better prepared you can be.“

Jennifer suffered from symptoms and decided it was time to rule out the possibility of COVID-19. Once testing became more widely available, Jennifer was able to schedule a test at a local COVID-19 drive-thru testing site supported by PWNHealth.Within 24 hours of testing, she received her results via email and had a telehealth consult with a PWN physician. The convenient access to a testing program allowed Jennifer to get to the root of her symptoms and get the proper care she needed.

Meet Joshua. When he and his wife began to show symptoms, Joshua turned to a community COVID-19 testing program at a local drive-thru screening site. PWNHealth provided clinical oversight for the program that enabled convenient access to testing for Joshua and his family. Upon receiving his test results, Joshua had a telehealth consult with one of PWN’s board-certified physicians. As someone with an underlying condition, it was important for him to have access to a physician after receiving his results. What stood out to Joshua the most was the empathy that was shown to him throughout the whole process. After losing his uncle to COVID-19, his anxiety and stress levels were at an all-time high. Something he wants to raise awareness about is the emotional effect COVID-19 has on others. If by sharing his story he can help others in a similar situation, he knows he is doing his part.

After spending Father’s Day together with family, Yadi started feeling symptoms of COVID-19. She went to social media to see if anyone knew where to get a COVID-19 test. An at-home self-swab test was the best option for her through a COVID-19 testing program supported by PWNHealth. Yadi completed her test in the comfort of her own home and received her results in a few days, all done with minimal exposure to others. The ability to have a telehealth consultation with a PWN physician upon receiving her results was especially important to Yadi since it was a holiday weekend and she couldn’t speak to her regular doctor. A PWN physician contacted her within 2 hours of receiving her results treated her with the highest quality of care, a feeling Yadi never thought she would experience via telehealth. Her family, who ultimately were all affected by the virus, are now feeling better and are grateful for the work of PWNHealth.

Meet Carol. She made the decision to get a COVID-19 test because of a state travel requirement. A  drive-thru testing site, supported by PWNHealth,  was located in her neighborhood and Carol scheduled a test. Much to her surprise, her test came back positive while her husband’s test came back negative. Confused how this could happen, Carol scheduled a telehealth consult with a PWN physician so she could better understand their results. PWN’s support of COVID-19 testing allowed Carol and her husband to have some semblance of a normal summer and still travel while keeping others safe and protected from the virus.

Sarah was the only member of her family that tested positive for COVID-19 despite being diligent about taking all the proper precautions. Perplexed about the virus and how it only affected her, Sarah jumped at the chance to speak with a PWNHealth physician regarding her positive results. She was delighted and surprised that the doctor called her back within minutes of submitting her request for a consultation, especially since her local doctor didn’t have an available appointment for her. The PWN physician was incredibly nice, calm, knowledgeable, reassuring, and willing to answer her many questions. Being able to stay safe in her own home but still get the valuable information she needed was helpful to not only Sarah but the many people in her life who now come to her for advice about how to take the best care possible.

Cassy decided to get a COVID-19 test to confirm his suspicions upon experiencing several symptoms. His test came back positive but his wife’s came back negative. Cassy decided the safest decision was to quarantine himself even though his family lived in the same house. For the next 14 days, Cassy stayed in his bedroom while his wife and two children stayed in the living room. Since Cassy and his wife do not have family nearby, Cassy’s wife had to care for the children by herself while also trying to provide care and attention to Cassy. When he was offered the opportunity to speak with a PWNHealth physician to address his questions and concerns, he took the consultation because he wanted a better understanding of what to expect and the next steps to take. Having a PWN physician talk him through the process and answer his questions was a relief to Cassy.

Steven made sure to always exercise caution when it came to COVID-19, however one weekend he decided to meet-up with a couple of colleagues while socially distancing. Sure enough, the following day one of his colleagues called to tell him he was having flu-like symptoms, and five days later his test came back positive for COVID-19. Only a few days after that encounter, Steven started feeling symptoms as well and he decided to move forward with an at-home test kit supported by PWNHealth. He received his results just two days later. As someone who lives alone after moving from Costa Rica three years ago, Steven worries about what could happen to him if he gets sicker from COVID-19. He is now feeling better, but it was important to him to stay in a positive mindset and know that he had to really take good care of himself, physically and emotionally.

Arled decided to go out to dinner with a close friend thinking they were taking all the proper precautions to stay safe from COVID-19. Unfortunately, a couple of days later, her friend got very sick and ended up in the hospital. Not long after that, Arled began feeling similar symptoms. Already having asthma and anemia, Arled got nervous and decided to get a COVID-19 test at a community drive-thru site where she tested positive. She simply wanted accurate information about her positive test to keep her family safe, especially her new baby. Arled’s telehealth consult with a PWNHealth physician was informative and exactly what she needed. The PWN doctor provided resources on where to go to continue to find up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and keeping her family safe. Arled is now equipped with proper tools to stay educated and safe- a goal PWNHealth never stops working toward.

After a rigorous game of tennis in the summer heat, Edgar started to feel strange. At first, he attributed it to the usual post-exercise tiredness, but as time went on his symptoms were not getting better. A friend of his recommended an at-home test kit and after signing up and receiving the kit, he received his results in a matter of days. Edgar was pleased to see that PWNHealth provided telehealth consults with board-certified physicians as an included service of the at-home test kit. When he received his results, he scheduled a PWN telehealth consult to alleviate any concerns he had. The physician answered all of Edgar’s questions and helped him understand the next steps he should take in protecting himself and those around him.