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National telegenetics provider unveils new data around Americans’ attitudes toward and engagement with Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing during NSGC Annual Conference  


NEW YORK (November 20, 2020) PWNHealth (PWN), a national clinician network and leading provider of telehealth solutions will introduce the findings from a series of six research studies exploring Americans’ growing interest for and satisfaction with consumer-initiated (CIT) genetic testing during this week’s National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Annual Conference. Conducted by a team of genetic experts from PWN’s Clinical Genomics Practice between January 2019 and March 2020, research also identified a rise in demand for genetic counseling as part of the testing process – in particular, this is a new development for the pharmacogenetic industry.

“By conducting and sharing our thorough research into consumers’ genetic testing preferences alongside an esteemed organization in the National Society of Genetic Counselors, we can better work together to deliver higher-quality testing and consultation services and improve the wellness and livelihood of the consumers and medical professionals we serve,” said Sanjay Pingle, CEO of PWNHealth.

 With the uptake of at-home genetic testing in recent years, more consumers are participating in the end-to-end testing services included in CIT, further confirming the value of clinical support as part of the testing process. CIT models for at-home genetic testing include independent results review and clinical support from remote genetic counselors. Nearly three-fourths (71 percent) of consumers of PWN-supported genetic tests, with medically actionable results, completed a telehealth consultation with a genetic counselor to review their test results and discuss the next steps. 

 “As pioneers in providing clinical oversight in the consumer-initiated genetic testing space, we are showing that there is nationwide interest in learning more about one’s health, significant uptake of post-test genetic counseling to better understand the impact and recommended next steps of a high-risk result, and satisfaction with those GC telehealth consults,” said Robin King, MS,CGC, Director of Genetic Operations and Programs at PWNHealth.

PWN’s research also highlights other notable aspects of consumers’ overall attitudes and preferences towards CIT and genetic counseling, including:

  • The majority of individuals who purchased a consumer-initiated genetic test cited “interest in my health” or “interest in screening for my healthy child” as their primary reason for pursuing the test.
  • While genetic counseling remains relatively new to the pharmacogenetic industry, consumers already are noting the benefits of this service. Nearly nine in 10 (87 percent) among PWN’s patients expressed satisfaction with the quality of their consultation to discuss their pharmacogenetic test results. Additionally, pharmacogenetic CIT participants were significantly less likely (3 percent) to decline a recommended consultation than those from a healthy adult panel (10 percent).
  • The growing demand for CIT is evident nationwide. However, PWN found that whites/Caucasians (71 percent) and females (64 percent) were significantly more likely to order and complete these tests than their demographic counterparts.

PWNHealth will present the following research at NSGC during the Poster Presentation sessions, on November 21 and November 22:

Patient Satisfaction with Consumer-initiated Pharmacogenetic Testing and Post-Test Telehealth Genetic Counseling

  • Poster Session: GGT 204
  • Presenter: Jacquelyn Magner, MS, LCGC

Review of Patients who Actively Decline Recommended CIT Post-Test Genetic Counseling

  • Poster Session: CPI 142
  • Presenter: Robin King MS, CGC

A Snapshot of Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing: A Demographic Chart Review

  • Poster Session: ASD 39
  • Presenter: Nori Williams, MS, CGC

Motivations for Ordering Consumer-Initiated Genetic Testing: A Chart Review

  • Poster Session: ASD 40
  • Presenter: Nori Williams, MS, CGC

Perceived Value of Genetic Counseling for Consumer – Initiated Genetic Testing

  • Poster Session: PI 314
  • Presenter: Nori WIillams MS, CGC

Supplemental Newborn and Pediatric Screening: Insight into Consumers and Results

  • Poster Session: PED 224 Pediatrics
  • Presenter: Stephanie Ashley, MGC, CGC




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