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Notice: COVID-19 Test Delays


PWNHealth is committed to ensuring your COVID-19 test is valid and accurate through clinical oversight of the testing process. Providing individuals with accessible testing and the highest quality of care is our top priority and core to our mission at PWN.

Across the nation, there is an overwhelming demand for testing due to the rapid spread of the virus and rising hospitalization rates, as well as widespread lab supply shortages. The combination of these factors is causing increased test turnaround times and delayed result delivery to individuals. We understand the importance of timely test results and are working diligently with partners to expedite result delivery. However, lab processing times and capacity limitations continue to impact turnaround times and are outside the control of PWNHealth.


Below are several FAQs with additional information:


What is PWNHealth’s role in testing programs?

PWNHealth is a national physician network that supports testing programs with clinical oversight and physician services. PWN approves testing for eligible individuals and provides access to board-certified physicians through post-test telehealth consults. PWN also provides access to registered nurses and care coordinators throughout the testing process, who notify individuals when results are released from the lab, coordinate telehealth consults, and help to ensure individuals proceed along the appropriate care pathway in an appropriate manner.

PWNHealth is NOT a lab and does not process tests.


What is the reason for result delays?

Testing delays are most often due to high testing demand that exceeds a lab’s processing capacity. Once results are made available by the lab, PWN immediately releases them for patient access. We alert individuals when results are available and provide information on where and how to view full lab reports.


What should I do while I’m waiting for my results?

While you wait, it’s important to consider your testing needs and options. CDC guidance recommends that:

  • If you are experiencing severe or worsening symptoms, please seek immediate care.
  • You remain in isolation for 10 days from the date of testing or onset of symptoms. It is important to adhere to precautions as outlined here to keep yourself and others safe.

If you choose to find another location for testing, we will maintain your result in our queue and deliver it as we receive it.


PWN Care Coordinators are available to help, whether to provide guidance on steps to take while waiting for results or answer any questions about the testing programs we support, contact us at 315-401-7865 on Monday-Sunday, 8 am EST – 11 pm EST.