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Improved access. Guided insight. Healthier populations. 

Improved access.   Our virtual delivery model is now the standard for end-to-end genomic care and testing solutions. PWN’s telehealth platform is state-of-the-art, helping to optimize workflow and the patient experience for millions of individuals nationwide. Using telehealth, we inform patients of insights on medically actionable results, risks, and next steps in early prevention.

Guided insight.   PWN’s national team of experts offer patients the guidance they want and the information they need. Our expertly trained genetic counselors, clinical geneticists, and multidisciplinary team of clinicians provide one-on-one patient consults, counseling, and care coordination.

Healthier populations.   We believe early disease detection has the power to change lives and make healthier populations. Our virtual platform has been designed to deliver personalized care that is scalable for larger populations, used by employers, payers, health systems, and more.


Our team of genetic counselors provide the appropriate clinical guidance for medically actionable test results associated with genetic disorders and inherited risk of disease. We help keep individuals informed along the way and provide streamlined communication for patients and their primary physicians.

Our goal is to provide safe, accessible genetic testing, counseling, and care coordination without the barriers that the traditional healthcare system may pose.  Our oversight involves order assessment and counsel to patients related to the benefits, limitations, and risks of testing associated with a large variety of genetic tests and indications.

  • Cardiogenetics

  • Carrier Screening

  • Diagnostic Exome Testing

  • Hereditary Cancer Syndromes

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • Preventive Genetic Screening

  • Supplemental Newborn Screening

PWN Supported Programs

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    Employers supporting the better health of their employees through genetic screening programs can work with PWN to quickly, efficiently, and effectively stand up programs.

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    Accessible genetic screening programs for members enabling a proactive approach to improved healthcare.

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    Health Systems & Providers

    PWN offers remote genetic counseling services through a modular digital platform that supports testing programs at scale.

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    Patient-Initiated Testing

    PWN supports labs and resellers with clinical oversight, result management, genetic consults, and care coordination.

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Genomics Leadership Team

Dr. Atwal is a board-certified clinical and medical biochemical geneticist and serves as Medical Director of Genetic Services at PWNHealth, a virtual healthcare company. Previously he served as Medical Director for the Individualized Medicine Clinic at Mayo Clinic FL on the Jacksonville campus. He received his medical degree from the University of Glasgow, and initially trained in hospital internal medicine with The Royal College of Physicians at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland. He completed his genetics fellowship at Stanford University in Palo Alto CA and sub-specialty biochemical genetics fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston TX where he was involved in developing a clinical metabolomic profiling test. He holds diplomas in structural molecular biology and forensic medical science and an MBA specializing in healthcare administration.

He has a long-standing interest in rare and undiagnosed disease including the use of multiple concurrent –omics platforms to provide a diagnosis to patients. He conducts translational, (from patient to laboratory to patient) research with the goal of discovering new genetic syndromes and designing new therapies for genetic disease.

Dr. Atwal’s clinical interests include clinical genomics, undiagnosed diseases following lengthy diagnostic odysseys and inborn errors of metabolism including lysosomal storage disorders and mitochondrial diseases. Through his work, he co-led the discovery of biparental mitochondrial inheritance in humans, discovered two new genetic connective tissue syndromes that results from defects in the FLNA & AEBP1 genes, co-developed an untargeted metabolic screening test for inborn errors of metabolism, and published extensively on human genetics, with over 70 peer-reviewed publications to date.

Robin King is a board certified, multi-state licensed genetic counselor who graduated with her Master’s in Genetic Counseling from Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in 2002. She worked for 10 years as a clinical cancer genetic counselor at Duke University before joining PWNHealth, a company offering remote medical oversight and telegenetic counseling, in 2016.

She helped build PWN’s genetic counseling services and was responsible for training and supervising the network of genetic counselors. Currently, she serves as Director of Genetic Operations and Programs and oversees 4 full-time genetic counselors and a genetic counseling assistant, in addition to the network of GCs that PWN employs.

Robin is passionate about not only expanding access to genetic testing but improving patients’ understanding of their results and engagement with their healthcare team to take a proactive role in their health. She is active with the NSGC and ABGC and served as the chair of the ABGC Certification Exam Committee in 2019.

She works remotely from North Carolina while trying to find work-life balance with a husband and 4 very active kids. She loves to workout, run and read.

Jacquelyn is a board certified, licensed genetic counselor with 10+ years of clinical genetics experience. She graduated from Brandeis University with a Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling in 2010 and focused her early career in the prenatal specialty before joining PWNHealth in November 2018. At PWN, Jacquelyn counsels for a wide variety of consumer-initiated tests and supervises the company’s growing network of genetic counselors. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and holds 13 state licenses.

In her role at PWNHealth, she serves as the pharmacogenetics lead and provides pharmacogenetic education to graduate programs and local conferences. As the clinical supervisor, she is instrumental in hiring and onboarding new team members as well as training the team on new tests and partnerships as PWN continues to grow. She enjoys finding creative ways to promote team engagement and enthusiasm in a remote environment. She is passionate about improving the operations of the genetic department to deliver optimal patient care.

In her free time, she enjoys spoiling her nieces, crafting, working out, playing tennis, and solving puzzles to navigate her way out of escape rooms.

Heather entered the field of genetic counseling in 2008. She is a board-certified and multi-state-licensed genetic counselor (GC) with diverse experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in genetics, with a minor in psychology, from Iowa State University and achieved her Master of Science degree in genetic counseling from the University of Minnesota. While at Minnesota, she developed an interest in international genetic counseling and traveled to the United Kingdom where she participated in additional learning opportunities.

Prior to joining PWNHealth in 2019, Heather spent more than ten years in clinical practice at an academic medical center where she provided services in the areas of prenatal, infertility, cancer, and general genetics, as well as furnished education on genetics to medical students, physicians, and members of her community. Additionally, she has administered utilization management of genetic testing for a national insurance company, further broadening her experience. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and the Illinois Society of Genetic Professionals.

As a full-time GC at PWNHealth, Heather serves as the clinical lead for neurology and whole exome sequencing (WES), as well as the co-lead for general genetics. Her values align strongly with the company’s passion for providing accessible, high-quality genetic counseling and responsible testing oversight. She has a particular interest in understanding patient motivations for testing and assisting them with translating their test results into efforts towards healthy living. In addition, she is keen on mentoring and teaching genetic counseling graduate students.

Outside of genetics, Heather’s interests include traveling, reading, and endurance sports. She enjoys making memories and being outdoors with her husband, two young daughters, and their dog.

Nori received her BS in Integrative Neuroscience from Binghamton University and her MS in Human Genetics/Genetic Counseling from the Joan H Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College. She values working with genetic counseling students and has been thesis advisor and clinical supervisor for students from various training programs since completing her own training in 2016.

Before joining the PWNHealth genetics team in December of 2019, Nori worked as the first genetic counselor to be employed by a medical examiner’s office in the country at the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner. In her hybrid lab and clinical role, Nori created the genetic counseling program there and gained almost 4 years of experience working with families adapting to cardiac genetic diagnoses, curating variants and co-signing diagnostic reports, and leading clinical research efforts. She has been lead or contributing author on a number of publications, co-PI for an awarded research grant, and has been an invited lecturer at local and national genetics educational conferences.

In her role as one of PWN’s full-time clinical GCs, she serves as the cardiac, cancer, and research lead. She is active in the local and national genetics community, as the current president-elect for the NYS Genetics Task Force and member of NSGC’s cardiac, cancer, and industry SIGs. Nori is passionate about increasing access to and understanding of genetic testing, and loves being a part of the team at PWNHealth!

She spends her free time reading, baking, practicing yoga and binge watching TV and movies on the Upper West Side in New York City.

Stephanie joined PWNHealth as a full-time genetic counselor in October of 2019, with over 15 years of experience in prenatal, pediatric, and general adult genetic counseling.

Stephanie received her BS from Salisbury University in Biology with minors in Psychology and Chemistry. After working as a clinical scientist in pharmacogenetics, she then received her Master’s in Genetic Counseling from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2004. Since then she has practiced in both academic as well as private hospital settings. She has worked in clinical research programs, various outreach genetics clinics, and helped establish the first Adult Genetics Clinic at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Stephanie is particularly interested in genetics education, with a history of supervising medical and genetic counseling students in clinic, as well as participating in multiple genetic counseling student thesis committees. She has provided various lectures to medical school students, genetic counseling students, and faculty.

Stephanie is thrilled to be a part of PWNHealth in helping to increase the accessibility of genetic testing, while providing patient-centered care. In addition to providing 1:1 patient consultations via telemedicine, Stephanie serves as the clinical lead for carrier screening, supplemental newborn screening, and the co-lead for general genetics. In addition to being a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), she is also an active member with the Maryland and DC Society of Genetic Counselors (MDCGC). She is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors and maintains licensure in several states across the country.

Stephanie currently resides in Maryland, and enjoys practicing yoga, Zumba, being outdoors, and spending time with her family.