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clinical recruitment from pwnhealth



Identify qualified participants for clinical trials

As much as 90 percent of volunteers for a given clinical trial are not appropriate subjects, leading to excessive recruitment costs and inefficient trial environments. PWN enables pre-screening of a participant’s lab values that identifies inclusionary and exclusionary biomarkers to qualify participants before they get to the trial site.

  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Increase trial speed
  • Ease the burden on trial staff
population screening for diseases at pwn health

Population Screening for New to Disease

Identify, educate, and connect newly diagnosed patients to care

Identify patients and populations who are new to a disease, while empowering patient action through personalized education on test results, provider coaching, and connection to appropriate local care or trials.

  • Identify populations who are new to disease
  • Over 3,000 different tests and devices, including genomics
  • Capabilities include fully integrated counseling and support